About us



Hi, my name is Cory Albert.

I am the founder of Golden47apparel 

Passion for business and design started in high school when me and my 5 friends wanted to make ourselves some t-shirts for fun. 

I began staying late at night trying to figure out designs we could use for our t-shirts.

One day, I moved, and I received bad news: for my last high school year I had to change schools and leave my friends.

I cried so much but realised everything happens for a reason.

I turned the pain into power and started my very own clothing brand: Golden47apparel. 

47 for me represents positivity. When I see this number, it means I am on the right path in life, and this is why I wanted to spread this positivity and create a worldwide movement.

If you ask people in my hometown how I started this would be their answer: ‘’Cory used to go around in school with 2 grocery bags with 4 hoodies’’. He would ask everyone he possibly could: ‘’hey do you want to support me?’’ ‘’Everyone would laugh at him.’’ 

Hopefully, my mother, my father, and my grandmother helped me go through this hard phase. 

After some time (and really hard work), my brand started to gain attention.

Golden47apparel became my dream.

My mission is to use this leverage and this movement in helping everyone accomplish their dreams and make them understand that everyone starts with nothing from the bottom.

Your only enemy is yourself, keep thinking positively, keep working, never give up.

If you want something people don’t have, do something people don’t do.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making me one step closer to my childhood dream,