Passion for business and design started early on in my life but it really came into practice when I took my savings and started GOLDEN47 Apparel early 2017. After I created my first logo, I contacted a company to have it printed on 30 hoodies (some black, some beige and some pink), and started selling them to my friends. After selling all of them, the word was going around and I started receiving more and more orders.
I started thinking of expanding my line and also create an online website to reach a wider audience and build a customer base. I had to learn, but thanks to Google (really, thank you Google!) I finally discovered an e-commerce platform that met my needs.

I was born in Gatineau, Quebec and I am half French Canadian and half Romanian. Aside from my business and design interests, I love travelling, especially to Europe where my Romanian roots are (iubesc Romania - I love Romania). Some of the countries I visited besides Romania are: United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Greece and Denmark. I practice Mixed Martial Arts four times a week, enjoy hanging out with my friends and when the time permits, I play hockey with my friends and my dad. What I enjoy most of all is pranking my friends and my parents :).

In 2017 I expanded my product line to sell more CLASSIC hoodies in different colours, added CLASSIC long-sleeves, CLASSIC t-shirts and Coach Jackets. Towards the end of 2017 I added the SIGNATURE Collection (hoodies, long-sleeves and t-shirts). In November 2018, my new ACTIVE Collection (Hoodies and Jogging pants) will be added to my product line.

My goal is to take GOLDEN47 Apparel international. I have sold one hoodie in France and a hoodie and a long-sleeves in U.S., but I want to expand my brand to as many countries as possible, including Romania!

Oh yes, and I want Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minster, to wear one of my hoodies. I am willing to deliver it in person at no extra charge.

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